Monday, June 19, 2006

Dia de los Padres

If I haven't raved about him enough, my dad is super cool. We've gotten especially close these last few years, and I'll admit, I miss him a lot when I'm away. I need to stop talking about missing people; its really bringing me down.

Well, I know I'm a day late, but thats because I spent it all with my dad. We went and saw X-Men III. Pretty good. I won't give out the ending (Evan......), but I figured it would be kinda like that. But we just chilled all day. He did gardening while I ran errands. And now, I am doing nothing. Its just loads of fun here.

So in honor of Father's Day:

My Dad vs. Yours "Canyons (grand or otherwise)" - This band is great and Canadian. Even without words, their songs are more than just background music. In fact, they are somewhat easier and more pleasant to listen to than forced rhymes and failed attempts of clever lines. This song feels like it belongs in a season finale (if it shows up on the O.C....) as it gives the sense of both coming together and moving on. Coming together in the sense that it is beautiful and happy, yet not sacchrine or cheezy (two food related adjectives in a row, yes!). Close your eyes and relax. It's nice to be reassured that it'll all be ok in the end. (buy After Winter Must Come Spring)

Wolf Parade "You Are a Runner and I am My Father's Son" - This was the song that sold me on Wolf Parade. Its also the song that I listened to over and over again the last time I was home and my dad made me mad. That was mainly because I left my CDs in the house and this was the only forceful song in the stereo. Since then, its sort of my anthem if I'm frusterated or angry until the feeling passes. I really like the staggering yet driving drum beat that propells the piano and the guitar. The lyrics feel held back, like they want to be part of the action, so all he can do is make threats ("I'll draw three fingers on your heart"). At first I thought this song was about wanting to run away from home, yet not being able to because of the ties to home. Maybe it just rationalized me not being able to build the courage to actually do something drastic like that. One thing I cannot deny is that I am my father's son. (buy Apologies to the Queen Mary)


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