Thursday, June 22, 2006

Post-Solstice Bliss

Yes, yesterday was the summer solstice. That means today is not the longest day of the year, but I worked for about 12 hours today. It was long to me, but I really enjoyed almost finishing my first solo publication for my city internship and doing field representation for my congressional internship. I went to a dinner for mentally handicapped adults and it was really something to hear their achievements and see their joy. I went straight from work and thus wore a white shirt, conservative red, white & blue tie, and navy slacks. OF COURSE it ends up being a Hawaiian themed ceremony, so I feel significantly overdressed, yet I took of my tie and threw on a lei. Great fun, I'll admit. Now I can officially say that I hope you're having a great summer. Send me a blitz; let me know what you're up to.

Beach Boys "Surfin' Safari" - This song was playing when I walked into the hall for dinner. Reminds me of Hawaii because its about surfing; not that I've ever been surfing or my Hawaii experience was that enjoyable. But handing out those awards to those guys really got me into the mood. I mean, this song is your stereotpyical Beach Boys poppy "rock and roll" song, when of course, it was more about rolling that rocking. I mean, they laid a foundation for the music we all love. I mean, its a basic summer hit for any playlist. (buy Beach Boys Greatest Hits)

Bonus Pas/CAL "The Brozened Beach Boys (Come On Let's Go)" (buy The Handbag Memoirs)


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