Friday, June 23, 2006


You may think it a bit sketch, but I spent about an hour on facebook today trying to find guys to recruit for the water polo team next year. I'll admit, I had a pretty bad (as in a few self-calls and misrepresentations) facebook profile, yet these guys are hilarious. The number of people who put beirut or pong or beer pong (not beirut) in their interests are hilarious. As for the number of groups that they are already in, it merely needs no comment.

Last night on the ride home from dinner, "Mr. Jones" by the Counting Crows came on and I just started singing. To my embarassment, he noticed and said something positive, but it totally put me out of the mood. Today, on the drive home from work, I was loudly singing along like I normally do when I'm alone without fear of comment, when I started getting teary eyed. Oh Anathallo, why do you do this to me?

Anathallo "Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind~More Ash)" - I love Anathallo's percussion session. It just pulls together every one of their songs and truly is what made me emotional in the car. The xylophone (I'm assuming) really brings beauty to this song, which is about a man who steals his neighbor's magical dog's ashes to make his yard grow faster. Oh, maybe I should mention that this whole album is based on a Japanese folktale. The movement within the song is so fluid that it only seems natural that it should progress from loud arragements to shushed vocals over just some guitar strumming. While this is the last part of the Hanasakjijii series, Four: A Great Wind~More Ash is the most epic and wraps them all together. I believe that Floating World is going to be a top contender on most lists for the best album of 2006. (Buy Floating World)

Anathallo "Kasa No Hone (The Umbrella's Bones)" - Apparently, this is a song that Japanese field workers sing, but I believe that it could be a lullaby. Again, the stirring drumming truly shapes this song into a powerful piece instead of just a little hymn. Here is a translation of the Japanese from
^^The ribs of the umbrella
Have fallen apart;
The paper is also torn,
But with bamboo
Tied together.
Do not throw it away.
Though I
Also am torn,
Don't desert me.^^ We all have relationships right now that are somehow torn: by distance, words, egos, competition, differences, or just lack of effort. Don't desert those you care about because you are still tied together. Don't throw it out, work to repair it.


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