Sunday, June 25, 2006

So today was really laid back. Also, Lauren said she really liked my blog. Lauren likes this band called Hot Chip. They have a song that says "Laid back" a lot. Using circular reasoning, I decided that Hot Chip's "Over and Over" was a great song to post.

Its just so poppy, yet it still rocks. Its even hip-hop, but hop cause you wanna dance to it and hip because its the type of song that'd you hear at a super cool joint. Hot Chip's The Warning is a contender for album of the year, and the hype its recieved is definitely worth it. Basically, all I wanna do is bob my head to this great beat. Seriously, this is one song that just speaks for itself. I think that The Warning is an album that can crossover into lots of different genres and thus, if you buy one album this summer that i suggest, you'd probably be most satisfied with this.

I have always been one to think that I was laid back. However, I have been told that I am not that laid back but that I make others laid back. My mom definitely does not think that; to her, I am super high stress and make her worried as all get out. Yes, my mom worries about me a lot. I think my laidbackness (or attempts thereof) is a subconscious challenge to my mom's high level on the freak-out-o-meter about everything I do. Apparently, my mom was fine when I went away from school (this is a lie) because she thought I would be safe and I felt very comfortable there. Now, this trend was reversed when I got arrested. Now, I understand if I was a delinquent that she would worry, but rushing the field during homecoming is a citation level offense. That, in normal citizen's terms, means it is on par with a parking violation. I personally think I was too laid back about the whole thing. I wouldn't get caught I told myself. And afterward, I didn't care or think anything major would happen. My dean even thought I was too laid back about not feeling remorse for my "bad judgement". Ummm...I made a conscious decision to participate in a Dartmouth tradition, and with great pride I ran around that field against administration's wishes. Administration isn't laid back. That is what I should use as a platform. Laidback. More politicians should be laidback. Eh, why get your panties all in a bunch over what defines a wetland? Who really gets hurt about defining gay marriage? Do we really worry about what the North Koreans think about us?

Ok, so I realize that we can't have laid back politicians. I could settle for more laid back drivers. I mean, sure, I don't like it when people drive 35 on Kristofferson (the speed limit is clearly marked at 40), but hey, they aren't wasting as much gas. They are enjoying life (hopefully), and that is all I want to do. So let someone pass you today. Enjoy the scenery.

Bonus - Hot Chip "And I Was a Boy From School"


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