Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yah, I was in Mexico for the last few months and thus didn't post because my internet was the slowest thing ever. At home, I sat on top of my dresser to get the tiniest signal to check blitz. It was awesome. I'm glad to be back, but at the same time I miss so many things about our southern neighbor.

The Sun "Mexico" (buy Sun's Greatest Hits)

I lived in the wonderful city of Puebla, home of mole poblano, Cinco de Mayo, and of course, La Franja. In the family I lived with, my brother Chero played this professional soccer team. I would go to all the games and sing crazy songs like "Soy Poblano". I miss it a lot.

And I fell in love with Mexican food and culture. Here are a few songs that played on heavy roation:
Julieta Venegas "Eres Para Mi" (buy Limon y Sol)- This is latin pop with North American and Brit influences. It translates to you are for me. Yah, cheezy but the video is just as tongue in cheek.
Nikki Clan "No Me Digas Que No" (buy Nikki Clan)- We rocked out to this song quite often and for most of the time we didn't bother with any lyrics but "NO ME DIGAS QUE NOOOOOOOOOOOO". Yes, we were the easy to spot drunk Americans, but hey, at least when we were on break in Acapulco we could get the people to give us discounts cause we weren't that gringo.

BONUS: Cause I know y'all aren't all fans of Spanish language music, here is a little Iron & Wine "Jesus, the Mexican Boy". Its my favorite Sam Beam song and it reminds me of some of the countryside we saw.


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