Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Festivus

Happy Festivus (the holiday for the rest-of-us)!

This holiday was created by Frank Costanza in opposition to the commercialism of Christmas. Let me familiarize you with some events of this wonderful and bizzare holiday.
Snowden "Anti-Anti" (buy Anti-Anti)

The Festivus Pole (buy one here) - Normally, an unadorned alumnium pole is set up in a family room, much like a Christmas tree. Alumnium is used because of its high "strength-to-weight ratio." Some people have begun adding tinsel and garland to their poles in order to make it more cheery, but the more orthodox followers refuse to add anything. Yes, that is the Wisconsin governor with a pole...
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "Heavy Metal" (buy Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)

The Airing of Greivances is a time of reflection. Starting with the eldest person or host, each person at the table gets to tell their fellow celebrants what they did not approve of since the previous Airing of Greivances.
TV on the Radio "Mr. Greives (Pixies cover)" (buy Young Liars)

After the feast, comes the Feats of Strength ceremony. The host normally challenges one in a display of great honor. When the host is pinned, Festivus ends. As a Festivus gift to you, I give you the most Festivus song I made this year: "Sirens"

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