Sunday, August 20, 2006

8/28 Slim's in SF

I'm excited for the show a week from tomorrow (8/28) at Slim's in SF. Look at the list of great bands playing that night.

Anathallo - Floating World is still riding high as my favorite album of 06. I'm excited to see all of them onstage. Normally, my favorite band to watch is the openers because the venue can still be somewhat empty, and although I've never been to Slims, I'm sure I'm going to feel like its a bit more personal.
listen to "Hanasakajijii (three: the man who made dead trees bloom)".

Rainer Maria - Rainer Maria has had such a profound effect on indie rock. Caithlin De Marrais has such a powerful female voice to keep the band going. Their recipe is simple, but it still comes across rocking.
listen to "The Contents of Lincoln's Pockets". buy A Better Version of Me

Street to Nowhere - They're a band from Oakland that I hadn't heard of before I looked at Anathallo's tour dates. I kinda like them, but I haven't heard enough to be sold on them. Hopefully, they will fill the place with energy for the Format and I'll buy their stuff.
stream songs on their myspace.

The Format - Oh the headliners. I'm normally dissapointed with the last show of the night at west coast shows. The band always seems too tired or drunk because the tour isn't new to them anymore. HOWEVER, these guys know how to make the crowd turn into a party. Their music always makes me want to dance rediculously. I'll probably look like an idiot at the show dancing to their music, but I promise I'll keep my clothes on, unless I hear that it'd be better otherwise...
listen to "Time Bomb". buy Dog Problems.

More info? See Slim's website. Tickets are $13 and doors open at 7. Show starts at 7:30 and you best be there.


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