Sunday, July 30, 2006

Why Can't Everyone Just Get Along

Israel has agreed to stop their offensive for 48 hours. I guess its a start. I'm sick of this conflict already. However, it does let me post more Beirut songs in honor of Lebanon. As much as I don't like the U.N.--not what it stands for mind you, but the organization is just full of flaws--I do think that I would like to work there to help people. There are always people that need help.

Beirut "Rhineland (Heartland)" - This song has the most cultural feeling of the songs on Gulag Orkestar, and right now, the people of Lebanon and Israel are feeling for their heartlands. The war is over land, much like WWII was partially about the Rhineland. Land is such an important thing to a people. The Israelites of the Old Testament wandered in the desert for 40 years to get to their promised land, a land now scarred with centuries of violence, where blood flows at least as often as milk and honey.


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