Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Zany Zizou

You may think I'm behind on the posting, but really, its cause I've had indigestion of the brain lately. And the music I've been listening to has been of the Nelly Furtado variety. So for those world cup songs:

French Kicks "Trial of the Century" - This was arguably Zidane's biggest game of his life and he failed. I chose this song because they are called the French Kicks and well, there is an obvious reference to the 2006 FIFA World Cup LOSERS (ok, so they got second...but they didn't win the final, so I'm justified in calling them names). As for the song, its good, the guy hits good notes falsetto. Don't let the serene beginning fool you, it picks up. Not that it ever goes over the edge though! It keeps a thinking mood throughout. And well, the French still probably are thinking about that loss. I'm thinking that Zidane didn't deserve Golden Ball, but who am I to say anything?

Beirut "Postcards From Italy" - I can't remember where I first heard this song, but I knew that the Old World charm of Beirut's music completely win over my heart and soul quickly. So far, I think their album Gulag Orkestar is my favorite this year. I know the ever traveled Ursula thought this song was cool when she heard it, so with her blessing, I think its safe to say that this song is wonderful. On October 7, they are playing in Montreal, and I'd love to see them. Anyone else? Oh yah, Italy deserved to win.

At work, Finance finally called me back and gave me numbers!!! YAYYYY NUMBERS!!! If I did more cheering people might think I'm freaking out about the book of the Bible. Let me just tell you that Numbers isn't the greatest book in there. My guide will go out to the printers in a couple days, and then it will be mailed to 70,000 households approximately. Wow, to think that my words are being read by that many people! True, its all about the City budget, but I wrote all 1100+ words on it. Mind you it was supposed to go out last week, but a few department heads wouldn't send me the required info. Today though, I just kept badgering them until they gave in. I guess I'm victorious like Italia.

In honor of the work I had to do because stupid bureaucracy that money gets thrown about in and my hip-hop crazy lately here is The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Mo Money Mo Problems". (buy Life After Death)


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