Thursday, July 06, 2006

my computer diede

My computer died, and thus, I am on hiatus from blogging. Now, I'm getting ready to spend the weekend away. I wanted to do a shoutout to my beautiful friend Lindsay who is in Morocco right now.
My life is really busy and I have no idea what is on this computer. Bishop Allen just released their EP June. From what I've heard its great. This song is called "The Same Fire" and it rocks. I'm such a sucker for metaphors in songs, so basically, when he starts talking about the great fires throughout history, I get giddy. I also like when he says, "God damn! You're so beautiful," because its such an innocent background and it sounds so real. 'Cause sometimes you be like DAMN! Sorry, couldn't resist myself. I think I would have cut the song about 20 seconds before it ends, but hey, they are doing an EP every month this year, so I'll give it to them.

Bonus - The Dudley Corporation "Divil the Bit" - I really just like this song a lot. Its got its bits of hard yelling, quiet bits of folky picking, and bits of general happiness. Actually, not just bits, bunches. My sister is yelling now. This is wierd. I'm going to finish packing. Have a good weekend.


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