Tuesday, June 27, 2006

4.5 hour Dune miniseries

Last night at Blockbuster, they said I got a free movie rental, but the caveat was that it had to be over a year old. Given that this Blockbuster has a horrible selection and the fact that we've been scoured their movie sections many times, there were not a whole bunch of movies that we wanted to see. That is why I chose Frank Herbert's Dune. I decided, heck, I read the book and I can't remember it, so why not watch the movie cause its free. I'm currently on hour 3 of this 4.5 hour marathon. My dad and I watched it eating dinner, afterward, and we had to take a break. I did some abs during a love scene, and now my dad is ditching me to go work out at the gym. Seriously, he says i'm chickening out by not going to the gym with him. I say he's chickening out on watching the movie. Wimp.

So, I stumbled upon this unreleased song by Chris Martin and Nelly Furtado called "All Good Things". Word has it that the song is not planned to be released because people are stupid. It is almost as though the song can't decide if it wants to be as dancy/hip-hoppy as the rest of her new songs. Don't think its a Coldplay song though. Martin is just lends his voice, which means he also lends his charm. I love the part when he sings in his signature falsetto hitting the same notes alongside Furtdado. I have a problem though: not all good things come to an end. Somethings just get changed and you have to work with the situations thrown at you. Seriously, I kind of hope this movie will end soon. Its decently good, so according to their logic, it will come to an end. Only then will I be free from this bond that is oppressing me.

To tie the posts from yesterday and today, here is Party Ben's "Computer Talk". Its a Coldplay and Kraftwerk mashup that is really nice. I actually don't have that many Coldplay songs on my computer, which I'm dissappointed about. They have great driving in the rain music.

In other news, most of my World Cup teams are out of the tournament. Right now, I'm hoping Argentina or Italy pulls through. Normally, I'd support Germany, but I want Argentina to win more, so boo to the hosts. They have enough support. On the topic of sports, I found out that I can no longer look at blitz or scores on the city computers; how do they expect me to be productive when I'm worrying about what blitzing I'm getting and how my cricket teams are doing? So, I'm working to find a way around that as well as getting a parking card. Right now I have to give them a ton of validation stamps, and today the lady took way more than she should have. She gave me a little smug look too. If I wasn't worried about losing my job (or getting arrested...), I would have wiped it off her face with a swift left jab. Shoot, now that I think about it I would have had to use my right cause I hand her my parking ticket with my left. Yah, that would have been a bad angle too. I'll remember that for tomorrow. I'll be like, "Steal my tickets now beyotch." And she'll take less cause she'll be seeing double. Man, this plan just works on so many levels.


Blogger FightingOffaHeartofDarkness said...

Damn that gymnasium, taking away from valuable movie watching time.

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