Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I just got done watching Me and You and Everyone We Know. Its a great film about relationships between people. A recently divorced man, his teenage and elementary school-aged sons, an aspiring filmaker/artist, an elderly man, and two teenage girls all try to sort life out. In a way, its a coming of age movie for all the characters. Its funny in even a more subtle way than I (Heart) Huckabee's is, though I gaurantee the laughs are more enjoyable afterthefact. I hate to draw this similarity, but the visuals are Napoleon Dynamitesque, yet it is set in the present day and the costumes do more to set the mood and create the character than force a stereotype or conjure up simple sophomoric humor. Its one of the best movies that I've seen in a long time.


Today, I am posting a song Jon and I rocked out to in the car while eating TCBY waiting for girls to get dressed. What takes girls so long to get ready? I will give them leeway for wearing a bra because sometimes the clasps won't unhook as quickly as you'd like. Oh wait, you would be putting them on huh? Well, you do that everyday so you should be quicker about that. Make-up is something that I don't totally understand. Girls will wear it over to a friend's house to watch a movie, but in all honesty, we really don't notice if we just want to watch a movie. Did we mention we're friends who don't want benefits? And then when girls wear makeup before some athletic activity? That is about as sensible as pregaming mowing the lawn. It just won't look good when the effort needs to be kicked in. Anyhow, this song is possibly my favorite mashup. Seriously, it rocks. Here is Party Ben's Pump Up My Doornob by Eric B. & Rakim vs. the White Stripes.


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