Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Run, Friends, Sleep

Sorry I've been so busy lately...

It seems like I'm always on the run lately, but when I get to where I'm going, its a whole lot of waiting or hanging out with my friends. I know it sounds silly, but it seems like I'm doing meaningless things. Not to say my friends are meaningless; in fact they are the most meaningful part of my day. Other than that I sleep. If I had an mp3 player, it would be awesome, but instaed, I have to listen with my car stereo on CDs I've burnt. Yah, same songs over and over, but here are two running songs I love to hear:

Sea Wolf "Middle Distance Runner" - I love Sea Wolf, and I wish I could see them live. They are playing next week down in San DIego and L.A., but I don't have the time to go. This was the first song I heard by them, and instantly, I knew I wanted to buy their album. You should too.

Bishop Allen
"Making Friends" - Off of their first EP of the year (they're doing twelve and finished 7 thus far), I kind of don't understand this song. Its about making friends but going to hell? (buy January)

The Eames Era "Go to Sleep" - Ashlin Phillips has one of my favorite voices, and she could tell me to go to sleep anytime. The music adds the perfect bit of cheer and lollipop to this song, but its still got bite. ^^If you said what you meant right, they can't accuse you of lies^^ I'm a firm believer in that. (buy Double Dutch)


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