Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bombs over Beirut

Israel is bombing Lebanon. Again. Yes, our favorite hated country--except maybe, more people hate Israel's than us--is bombing thier neighbors. Well, its more of an attempt to disarm the terrorist/community building organization called Hezbollah. In honor of Israel's self-defense/aggressiveness, here are two songs that should play on the soldiers radios because seriously, if everyone just danced, there would only be battle dancing. And we all know that that solves the world problems. Much less bloodshed, I promise!

Beirut "Mount Wroclai" - Yet another reason I think this is a top album of the year. Believe me, you'll like it. I hope Beirut doesn't fall to ashes.

Outkast "B.O.B." - Bombs over Baghdad (I think those are still going on?) can easily be changed to Bombs over Beirut. This was my second favorite rapsong for most of my life. Its so good and quickpaced. I love it.


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