Saturday, July 15, 2006


My sister's friends threw her a surprise party today that she unknowingly helped plan. Pretty genius because the only thing we had to do was get her there late so that the other kids could set up the signs and stuff. My parents almost blew it though because my dad was acting so strange about what time she was going to be home and how long lunch was going to take. I hope it went well though. I'm going to crash it in a bit. I'm with a maple syrup concomerate in Vermont?

Radiohead "No Surprises (LIVE)" - I always love being surprised with good things. Surprises have to be one of my favorite things. Up there with a good vanilla milkshake. Ohhhh surprise me with a good vanilla milkshake and I'll be your friend forever. (Note...I'm having such a hard time remembering the first r in surprise. I've only got it right once the first try). (buy OK Computer)
+/- "Surprise!" - This is why some people don't like surprises. This guys voice is kind of creepy. The beat is hot though. I'd still be stoked though to hear that I had a surprise waiting for me. (buy You Are Here)


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