Sunday, August 06, 2006

bullet strikes beauty student

In Modesto on Friday, a 17 year-old girl was seriously wounded with a gunshot during a beauty school class she was taking.
Who shot this young lady?
Well, the guy sitting behind her is a security guard that was carrying a handgun in his backpack because he takes beauty school classes in between shifts. Mick Rubalcava faces three charges including carrying a concealed and loaded firearm without a permit and possession of a firearm on a school campus. For more info, check

The absurdity of this story astounds me, but this is the life we live in the Valley.

Indian Moon "Sleeping With His Gun" - If I could get more info on Indian Moon, I would have know more about these guys. Alas, I only have two mp3s that I stumbled across a couple months ago. The song sounds so Southern, and they make a night affect by imitating bayou noises.

I just found their myspace, so I feel stupid. Check them out.


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