Monday, July 31, 2006

roads upon roads

I'm actually starting to get sick of driving. You know you like it so much when you don't have it and then when you're forced into doing it, you just want to sit in the passenger's seat. Either that or this is in honor of Mel Gibson's little run in with the law...
Of Montreal "On the Drive Home" (Buy The Bird Who Continues to Eat the Rabbit's Flower)

This post goes out to Jeremy Blackman, one of my greatest homies on Earth. He's in Central America (don't ask me where 'cause he's a world traveler) right now. It was his birthday yesterday. Why is from Berkeley, so I thought it'd be appropriate.
Why "Gemini (Birthday Song)" (Buy Elephant Eyelash)

I got some new songs off the Headlights' new ablum Kill Them With Kindness. I'm really liking what I've heard so far. Its not in stores yet, but here is a sample. Keep an eye out for it.
Headlights "Owl Eyes" (Buy their music)


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