Thursday, August 10, 2006

In the news...

Apparently, some bloggers have noticed that there are some inconsistencies in AP photos used in the stories about the conflicts in Lebanon and Israel. Looking at these two photos, we notice that the woman is the same in both pictures (look at scar on cheek), but the photos are two weeks apart and two different locations. Both say that she is mourning the loss of her house. This is one of more than a couple inconsistencies in various media outlets dealing with this conflict that has now lasted for about a month.

Metronomy vs. Spoon "Trick Photography (Lady Byrd Mix)" - When I found this song, it immediately went on my "Makes Me Dance" playlist. My solution to the all conflict in the Middle East: hold a huge dance party, play kicking hits, and mingle. Realize that you are just like your neighbor because you both can't dance, but you like the music anyway. And if you can dance, then you can win a reality TV show.


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