Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Good news is that my best friend got back from Central America on Monday afternoon. Even better news was that he was safe despite traveling to a country that could have been risky.

In honor of his trip and his newfound proficiency in the Spanish language, here is a post dedicated to this. (and I'm very sorry I do not have any Buena Vista Social Club)

Andrew Bird "Spanish for Monsters" - My favorite of all bands with a violin (forgive me Owen Pallett and Patrick Wolf, I love you too), Andrew Bird and whatever band he takes with him is absolutely a fantastic muscian. He knows how to use phrasing with his voice to build up the tension needed to make a song rock. Maybe its because he refrains from doing anything to avant garde; whatever it is though, this song is a prime example. A simple starkness of the sharp violin against a simple and steady rhythm on strings. (buy some Andrew Bird)

Magnolia Electric Co. "Spanish Moon Fall and Rise" - Just you wait for my review of Fading Trails, which is set to be released September 12. This song is classic Jason Molina and gang. You'll like it.

Neutral Milk Hotel "Communist Daughter" - I'm sad about Neutral Milk Hotel. This is one of those bands I wish I was around to know what was going on back then. Word on the street is that On Avery Island will be re-released in October. I'll keep my eyes out. Jeremy didn't come back with a communist daughter, but alas, he had a great time anyway. (buy In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)


Blogger Best places to go in Costa Rica said...

I like your blog very much and happy to know that your friend is back from the journey he had started for central America and I respect your feelings for your friend. And also come to know about the location where he stopped i also check it out on Map of Central America Countries

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