Thursday, December 14, 2006

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out"

Put this song on while you read the following article from the Modesto Bee. You'll read why.
Chin Up Chin Up "The Architect Has A Gun" (buy We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers) - this is the first time it has shown up on my site, I swear.

Horseplay among co-workers triggers standoff with police

A police standoff in downtown Modesto ended peacefully Tuesday morning when police discovered that what they thought was a masked gunman was in fact a group of co-workers playing with toy guns.

Police closed several blocks around Dow Diversified Inc., a construction company on the 1100 block of 14th Street, after a passer-by called 911 at 8:39 a.m. and reported seeing a man with a mask and a gun running on the street, Sgt. Craig Gundlach said.

Officer Jesse Garcia approached the business at 8:49a.m. He said he looked through the business's glass front and saw a man holding what appeared to be an assault rifle to his shoulder and aiming it inside the business.

Garcia retreated and called for backup. Dozens of officers and deputies from the police and sheriff's departments and the California Highway Patrol flooded the area. Police began to alert businesses in the area of the potential danger, and some, including The Bee, locked doors and kept employees and customers indoors. No public schools were closed, Gundlach said.

Shortly after 9 a.m., police stopped a man in a silver Taurus one block from the business and ordered him out of the car at gunpoint. The man was identified as Joshua Kemper, 28, of Turlock.

A Dow Diversified employee said Kemper had been inside the business with four other male employees playing with Airsoft guns — replica guns that shoot plastic pellets — and planning a paint-ball excursion this weekend.

"We were just horsing around in the office," said Greg Adams, 43, of Gustine.

Adams said Kemper had left the building to put paint-ball guns in his trunk. For unknown reasons, he put on a dark-colored mask when he left the building.

The other men remained in the office, Adams said.

"We were all standing around talking when we heard all these sirens," he said.

One of the men looked outside and saw Kemper surrounded by police, Adams said. "So we all walked outside to see what was going on."

Outside, the men found dozens of officers aiming guns at them, including a sharpshooter on a roof across the street.

Police cuffed the men and held them in a nearby parking lot. Officers searched the business and found three toy handguns and one toy assault rifle, Gundlach said.

The guns are "very realistic-looking," Gundlach said.

"I can guarantee you, if a subject had come out with that (fake assault rifle) and did not immediately comply with officers' orders, we would have shot that subject," Gundlach said.

No arrests made

The three fake handguns had orange tips, as required by state law. The fake assault rifle also had an orange barrel, but it had been painted black. Nobody was injured and police did not arrest the men.........

Brand New "Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't" - Seriously, the whole police department was there? Woah. I especially love the sniper. Good thing the cops didn't shoot before they knew what was going on. (buy Deja Entendu)

Indian Moon "Sleeping With His Gun" - This song is dark, but in the mood of Iron & Wine. In fact, Scott Wheeler sounds a lot like Sam Beam. I want to see him if I go down to San Diego this break. We'll see.

Gorillaz "Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix)" - This doesn't sound like a normal Gorillaz song, but its kinda poppy. I think more people should hear it because its a nice studying song. A lot of people think if you give kids guns at a young age, they'll grow up to be killers. I mean, these adults were playing with toys. Look at the trouble they got into. I believe the only guns kids should be able to play with are the old Nintendo Duck Hunt Ones. (buy El Manana/Kids With Guns)


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