Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Breaking Up: Owen Styl

Breaking up sucks. You spend so much energy getting to know a person, finding things you really like about them, and then it just falls apart. Its even worse when you both fall in love and become so emotionally invested in each other. As a side note: I'm completely happy I did it; I just don't know what I'm supposed to do now.

Owen (Mike Kinsella) is a breakerupper's medication. He helps you wallow in self-pity (even when it was completely not your fault) while getting over the stupid person that broke your heart.

Here are three of his takes on breaking up:
Owen "Who Found Who's Hair in Who's Bed?" -Simply knowing that something is going on with someone else drops your heart down into your stomach. At first you try to tell yourself that its not happening, but then you realize that that's that. Its not your fault. People make really fucked up decisions, and this is the song I've been listening to repeat for the last few days. Its got a relaxed beat that calms me down and keeps me from getting riled up. Simple guitar picking and layering with a well-you-sure-messed-up tone are perfect balance that let you get on with your life.

Owen "The Ghost of What Should Have Been" - This is for all of those who keep getting reminded of that significant other. Its the little things that hurt the worst, and for Owen its an avacado pit. How someone can move on so quickly after a long relationship really suprises me sometimes, but it could be that they are just running away from it all. So when you feel haunted by the ghost....

Owen "The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi" - It was just my luck that I first heard this song right as I was reading One Hundred Years of Solitude. Pietro Crespi is this incredibly beautiful, charming foreigner that comes to the town of Macondo and brings European novelties such as music boxes, movies, and harpsichords to this small jungle town. He goes through a lot of pain but is always there. It reminds me that life moves on and there is always someone better. I almost wish I could date Pietro Crespi and receive love notes.